AN DAO Handbook
AN DAO Handbook

Aragon Glossary

All terms Aragon
Aragon stack: decentralised and upgradeable apps developed by Aragon.
Aragon Association: he legal entity behind the Aragon project based in Switzerland.
Aragon Network Charter: the document that defines the rules of the Aragon Network.
Aragon Manifesto: the declaration of the ideals held by Aragon.
Aragon Network DAO: the decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) of the Aragon community, defined by the Charter
Aragon Network Token (ANT): is the ERC-20 governance token for Aragon and the main coordination mechanism of the community.
Main DAO: structure open to all ANT holders to make proposals and vote on the AN DAO.
Executive Sub-DAO: Elected committee that facilitates strategic alignment across the DAO.
Tech Committee: elected committee that checks and integrates code submissions, and organises tech audits as needed.
Compliance Sub-DAO: elected committee that facilitates conversations on ethics, risk and sustainability, and is equipped with veto power to guard the network.
dTech: decentralised guild dedicated to customer facing technologies such as customer support, quality assurance, documentation, technical research, and testing.
Aragon Client: DAO deployment and management platform that allows people with no technical background to launch a DAO in minutes.
Aragon Govern: a platform for optimistic DAO governance, in which we assume actors are acting rationally and with good intentions, until proven otherwise.
Aragon Voice: a voting solution for ERC-20 tokens that allow token holders to easily signal their opinion.
Aragon Labs: the team behind Vocdoni and responsible for the technology behind Aragon Voice, as well as research into zk-SNARKs.
Vocdoni: a digital voting platform that allows traditional organisations to leverage the power of voting through decentralised technologies.
Aragon Court: a decentralised protocol and network of incentivised guardians that can be used for human-readable subjective dispute resolutions.
Aragon app: human centric DAO creation platform to be launched.