AN DAO Handbook
AN DAO Handbook


How the AN DAO is organised.
The hard structure of the AN DAO (defined by smart contracts and by the charter) is made of the Main DAO and three Sub-DAOs. Their definitions are the following:
Main DAO
Structure open to all ANT holders to make proposals and vote on the way the DAO’s Investment Vault is used, and on the rules governing the community and the project. It is an Aragon Govern DAO that acts as the executor for community votes on Aragon Voice, enabling $ANT holders to exercise direct democracy over the network.
Executive Sub-DAO
Elected committee that facilitates strategic alignment across the AN DAO and allocates funds from the Sub-DAO’s treasury (The Operations Vault). It is responsible for scheduling payments and deciding on which initiatives to fund.
Tech Committee
Elected committee that checks and integrates code submissions, and organises tech audits as needed. Is responsible for overseeing the quality of the Aragon Network's code and smart contracts.
Compliance Sub-DAO
Elected committee that facilitates conversations on ethics, risk and sustainability, and is equipped with veto power to guard the network. Its members review all proposals to the AN DAO and any sub-DAO for compliance with the Charter and overall legal compliance, providing feedback to proposal creators where appropriate.
Each sub-DAO has a committee of three members, elected by the community using the Aragon Network Token (ANT). Each committee member has a tenure of one year and is paid 200 $ANT per month.
While these are the internal organisations defined by the charter, as a DAO, other organisations come up organically from the collaboration of community members: