AN DAO Handbook
AN DAO Handbook


As a DAO, governance is at the heart of the AN DAO.
The governance in the Aragon community is to foster a sustainable community, clarifying what to decide and how to decide. It means to enable members to own initiatives, and incentivises community members to make the overall community a place to thrive and join over the long-term.
The Aragon Network Token (ANT) is its main governance mechanism, as its holders can make proposals and vote, and participate in dispute resolution, in the AN DAO and beyond.
To get involved in the AN DAO governance:
Proposals and important discussions (as more casual ones are usually held on Discord) to and around the AN DAO are done in the Aragon Forum. After a topic has been discussed there it can become an on-chain proposal on Aragon Voice, to be voted on by ANT holders, members of the AN DAO.
To participate in the the governance with ANT, you can become a token holder by doing initiatives in the DAO, by participating in guilds or by taking up bounties.
To learn more on how to start an initiative in the DAO through a proposal process read here:
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